Software I've written or enhanced

LAB3D-SDL A port of Ken's Labyrinth to modern operating systems.
RocKen A clone of Ken's Labyrinth for RockBox.
PyPI My projects on PyPI
GitLab Various projects on my GitLab page.
USB EWS gateway A simple gateway to access the Embedded Web Server (EWS) on several models of HP printers via USB.
DVDfs A FUSE filesystem that mounts DVDs using libdvdread.
SDLHack A wrapper for SDL 1.x which lets you force fullscreen games to minimize. Also allows you to disable joystick detection.
SATA hotplug speed fix A Linux kernel module which prevents libata from limiting SATA link speeds after link errors occur, e.g. when a drive is hot-swapped.
ListACS A disassembler/decompiler for ZDoom ACS
EasyCluster A simple cluster/RPC library for Python
cpumunch A simple program which keeps CPU cores busy for performace/thermal testing.